FINEO is the next generation of glazing technology

Fineo incorporates the most advanced vacuum insulating glazing technology that outperforms conventional double glazing, delivering comfort and warmth in a truly slim double glazed unit. Unlike conventional double and triple glazing, Fineo does not use inert gasses, such as argon or krypton.

How does FINEO compare to other slim double-glazing?

FINEO comes with a market leading 20 year guarantee

How does FINEO compare to traditional glazing?

Single GlazingDouble GlazingTriple GlazingFineo
Thickness 4mm 28mm 36mm6.7mm
U-Value (W/m²K) 5.8 1.2 0.80.7
Light Transmission 90 80 7180
Sound Reduction Rw (C;Ctr) dB 29 (-2; -3) 31 (-2; -5) 32 (-1; -5)35 (-2; -5)
Solar G-Value 0.87 0.71 0.610.62

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