Perfect for listed buildings, conservation properties & refurbishment projects

Modern solutions to historical problems

Compared to single glazing, Fineo provides substantial improvements to energy efficiency with an impressive U-value of 0.7 W/M2k. Fineo’s ultra-thin profile (6.7mm) is perfect for retrofitting into existing sash windows – so the original historical frames are maintained. Click below for the technical specifications

Single GlazingSlim Double GlazingDouble GlazingTriple GlazingFINEO
Thickness 4mm11mm 28mm 36mm6.7mm
U-Value (W/m²K) 5.81.9 1.2 0.80.7
Light Transmission 9080 80 7180
Sound Reduction Rw (C;Ctr) dB 29 (-2; -3)31 (-2; -5)31 (-2; -5) 32 (-1; -5)35 (-2; -5)
Solar G-Value 0.870.71 0.71 0.610.62

Easily retrofitted into all timber sash window styles

fineo acoustic

The Acoustic range offers improved soundproofing for slim vacuum-insulating glazing.

→ View the Acoustic datasheet.

fineo Heritage

The Heritage range offers the authentic replication of the original heritage glazing in historic buildings.

→ View the Heritage datasheet.

fineo safety

Both elegant and sleek, the Safety range also offers protection against personal injury.

→ View the Safety datasheet.

fineo solar control

The Solar Control range ensures a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.

→ View the Solar Control datasheet.

fineo declaration

Fineo standards are ensured by reports, certified by an independent institute.

→ View the Declaration of Conformity.

fineo certification

Outlined below is the Test Certification for Fineo U-values, all to EN standard.

→ View the U-Value Test Certification.

Better thermal and acoustic insulation

With its exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, Fineo provides substantial improvements to energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Fineo does not require an evacuation port and does not contain any inert gases. Fineo comes with a 20 years guarantee.

Comparison With Slim Double Glazing

Light And Energy Performance

Acoustic Attenuation Performance


Fineo is perfect for heritage projects

Fineo comes with the option of the addition of Heritage glass. This resembles the historical window glass manufactured at the turn of the century. Its minimal thickness makes it easy to install in historical window frames and fittings.

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