Fineo Is Here To Help The Environment

The Next Generation

In an era dominated by climate change our new vacuum glazing, FINEO, can help reduce emissions.

Conservationists, heritage officers and planners are here to protect our heritage and limit the changes we make to our past. This is important. Unfortunately we must now think of the future.

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility and we as caretakers of the planet must work together to negate its impact on future generations. There is not much point in protecting our past if we cannot guarantee a future.

Perfect for retrofitting into existing timber sash window frames

Advanced Glazing Technology

The latest innovation from AGC glass is a new generation of vacuum-insulated glazing. It offers the thermal efficiency of a 36mm triple-glazed unit yet is only 6mm thick. Unlike previous versions of this technology there is no vacuum extraction cap and therefore it offers a completely unobtrusive view from both inside and outside.

This ground-breaking vacuum double glazing has been primarily designed for retrofitting into existing timber sash and casement window frames. It promotes the retention of existing window frames where possible. It genuinely gives homeowners of period/traditional homes the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and comfort that others simply take for granted.

Fineo VIG

12.5% more efficient than 36mm triple glazing

Time To Remove Single Glazing

If we are serious about climate change, then the removal of all single glazing from the existing housing stock is a huge start. FINEO vacuum glazing provides that opportunity.

FINEO vacuum insulated glazing is 8 times more efficient than single glazing and just as efficient as triple glazing. Inert gases are not used and it is 100% recyclable, making it even better for the environment.

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